We are the slowest brokerage to grow in manpower. Why? Because we believe in strengthening our pillars and lifestyle first before we ask someone else to join us. Guess what we are proud of our slowest growth because we PROSPER! With our clients and their and our families together. Our business model depends upon one integral Values …

This one word entails lifestyle of health wealth, peace, trust, mentally physically emotionally and spiritually.

We Want You If You

  1. Value yourself, your existence, and others
  2. Understand balance is most important and if you don’t have it you will learn it through our practices
  3. Understand you will work hard honestly, sincerely and with balancing acts of your team members and clients
  4. Understand that to PROSPER! It is always a step by step process and may require some major lifestyle changes.
  5. Understand its Win for Her/him, WIN for the clients, WIN for the strong trust in our industry, and WIN for the world and finally WIN for the cosmos.
  6. Are determined but not desperate, patience and not timid and bold to speak up when necessary without worrying to have to lose someone.
  7. Value others time hungry to learn and proactive to implement
  8. Understand and implements values of in harmony of others and values them with integrity
  9. Understand to lead is only to lead by example. And every word is a promise to keep to others.
  10. To PROSPER! Is to find people like above mentioned values even if it means finding one in Six years.
  11. Can be shock absorber, a cushion and a mattress to the people when need be, yes  a solid support for their moments of vulnerabilities and when the feel overwhelmed
  12. Is available before, during, and after his/her services
  13. Understand that the most important aspect is peace of minf for everyone.

Then you belong with us.